Seychelles Tourism and Embassy visits AYS

Mon, 20 Mar 2017

We would like to give a huge Thank You to Ms. Aliette Esther, tourism attaché, for visiting our school to present the Seychelles to AYS Grade 2 students.

Students chose to present the Seychelles for our Children Around The World Bazaar, and Ms Esther did an incredible job informing our students all about this country.

Below are a few quotes from an article on Nation Home.

“On the first day, I gave a presentation to students aged between seven and eight years. I usually work closely with travel agents and professionals involved with the travel and tourism trade, so these young minds were a different segment of the market. I had to come up with a totally new presentation which was geared towards them. It was challenging, but a lot of fun,” said Ms Esther.

“I covered a few themes like the people, the flora and fauna, the language and other aspects of our culture. The students stunned me with everything that they knew, thanks to their teacher’s hard work,” said Ms Esther.

From posters to papier-mâché figurines, drawings of the flag and pictures of animals, as well as their own representations of different aspects of the islands, the students seemed to have covered it all.

She added that the highlight of the day was a dance performance that the class had prepared, and whereby three of the students wore traditional costumes of the Seychelles.

“It was really touching to see children of other nationalities loving the country so much,” Ms Esther added.

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