Book Week

Sun, 07 May 2017

The Book Fair was provided by Bookworm in Dubai which provided a beautiful variety of books and a gorgeous set up.

The excitement of the students was fantastic. They were so interested in the books on offer. It is a great way to raise awareness of the value of reading and respect of books.

Thank you to all the parents who were generous with their children and let them purchase. There is never an expectation that students buy, but it is an opportunity if families wish to take advantage of the opportunity to buy good quality books for their children. The proceeds also enable us to buy new books for our students to keep the resources they use fresh and inviting.

The Book character Day was so much fun. It is always exciting to see so many children dressed as a character and understanding what story they are from.

We took the time at assembly this morning for the students to stand up by grade to see what they were all wearing.

We especially would like to thank the teachers who went to a lot of trouble to dress up. Seeing them enjoy this is a great inspiration for the students.

Our goal is always to lift the awareness of reading and books and how it is meant to be a fun activity.


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