Welcome Back Fall 2012

Sun, 26 Aug 2012

Welcome Back!


Dear Parent(s),

We are looking forward very much to welcoming you in September. I hope the following letter gives you plenty of information relating to the arrangements as we approach the start of the new school term and academic year 2012 – 2013.




On Sunday 2nd September students in G1 – G5 for 2012 – 2013 will come to school from 7.30 am onwards ready to be in class by 7.45 am. On Monday 3rd September students in KG2 for 2012 - 2013 will come into school from 7.30 am onwards ready to be in class by 7.45 am. On Tuesday 4th September students in KG1 for 2012 - 2013 will come into school from 7.30 am onwards ready to be in class by 7.45 am. On each of these days you will be welcomed in the school playground by our staff who will inform you which class your child is in and where it is located. Students will then be encouraged to go to their new classroom and to meet their new teacher ready for the day ahead. KG1 and KG2 parents will also, naturally, be most welcome to go with their child to class to meet the class teacher.

The timing of the school day, as previously, for G1 – G5 will be 7.45 am – 2.30 pm Sunday – Wednesday and 7.45 am – 1.15 pm on Thursday. If your child returns home on the bus, please make arrangements to collect your child at the bus stop at the correct time. The school day for students in KG1 and KG2 is 7.45 am – 1.15 pm Sunday to Thursday. During the first few weeks back at school, parents can collect their child(ren) in KG1 and/or KG2 in the main indoor reception area next to the front administration desk. Students in G1 – G5 should be collected in the school playground at the end of the day where they will wait with their class teachers. We ask that all students are collected promptly at the end of the school day.

We will be holding ‘Meet the Teacher’ meetings during the week commencing Monday 10th September where you will have the opportunity to meet your child’s teacher, to learn about the exciting year ahead as well as to find out more about the daily routines and requirements. Additionally, you will receive information about everything your child will need for 2012 – 2013 including a termly calendar of events and activities to help you plan ahead. Before that time though, can we advise you of some important information:



A great deal of the school and home communication is via email so it is very important that we have up-to-date contact information. Even if you have already provided your contact details, you will be asked to complete an update form upon arrival so that we can ensure our records are correct. We also need to have your up to date mobile telephone details especially as we often use SMS to contact parents. As part of the coming year’s commitment to being an eco-friendly school we will be using email, the school’s website and SMS to communicate to parents regularly in an attempt to reduce the use of paper and to reduce our carbon footprint. We value greatly your support with this.



We must respectfully remind you to ensure that you have submitted all your supporting application documents to the administration staff at the front desk. We must be very strict with this rule and students will not be allowed to start school unless all documents have been received. The only exception is UAE residency visas; we know these can take time so will allow children to start school even if their residence visa is not final. To ensure your child(ren) start at school without delay, please contact the administration staff on the front desk if you are concerned about any of your documentation.



School uniform is compulsory for all students attending the school. Uniform will be on sale in the school gym from Monday 27th August to Thursday 30th August 9.00 am – 2.00 pm. From September, we will also be asking that students do NOT bring to school a large or roll along bag. Instead, they should bring only a lunch box along with a small bag to carry their pencil case and any books they might need for the day. Each student will be provided with a cubby hole and a box in school in which to store their lunch box and small bag. We simply do not have sufficient space in school for anything larger and do appreciate your support with this.



As part of our commitment to being a healthy school we will be continuing with our healthy snack break for students in the morning which will be followed by a lunch break later towards the end of the morning. We would be most grateful if parents would prepare a piece of fruit or small box of fruit or vegetable pieces for the snack break in addition to a healthy lunch box. As the new year commences we will be offering lots of advice and ideas on what to include to encourage your child to eat healthily and the school nurse will be involved very much in this. To support us with this, we also ask that parents do not send into school McDonalds or similar lunches or birthday cakes and sweets. The school guard has been instructed not to accept any such deliveries.



In order to welcome parents back to school at the start of the new year and to provide an opportunity to discuss with the Principal the exciting year ahead, we will be holding a coffee morning on Monday 24th September at

10.00 am in the school gym. All parents are welcome and Mrs. Alissar, Vice-Principal, will be in attendance so as to be able to offer translation in Arabic for parents as appropriate. Over the summer we have planned many wonderful activities with which we would really welcome the support and involvement of our parents!



Please be aware of the one way system in place on the roads around school put in place last year. Additionally, all parking must be paid for at the assigned meters. For the sake of all our students’ safety, please support us with dropping off and collecting your child safely and on time each day.



A gentle reminder that all payments for school tuition and other fees must be paid by the due date stated on your invoice. The school cannot hold places if payments are not received by these deadlines. If you have any questions about your invoice or payment please contact Mr. Joseph in the Accounts department by telephone on 02 6412300.

In the meantime, on behalf of all the Al Yasat staff may I wish you an enjoyable last few days of the summer holiday as we all look forward to seeing you in September!


Yours sincerely,

Lesley Isherwood