Mr. Emil Sein
Music Teacher

Mr. Emil Sein has achieved his degree in instrumental music teaching in Timisoara, Romania being recognized as one of the most important performer in classical and contemporary music awarded with special awards within Europe, USA, Asia and other countries. He is certified to teach Saxophone (Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor Baritone, Bass); Clarinet (Piccolo, Alto, Bass); Wind — Brass Instruments and Percussion; Orchestra; Chamber Music; Musical Language; Arrangements (Bands, Big-Band, Groups, Classic, Modern); Classes of Band Instruments; Piano (Jazz); Musical Pedagogy; Arabic Percussion; Music Theory, Percussion Technology; Classic and Contemporary Music. Since 2015 he is teaching at Al Yasat Private School as music teacher preparing the students at all levels (elementary/secondary/high school) theoretical and instrumental lessons along with choir and percussion divided in western and Arabic style.