Mrs. Asma Zafar
School Administration & ICT Facilitator

Asma Zafar has completed a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Computer Systems from NED University, Karachi, Pakistan earning a Gold medal. Asma started her career in programming in a leading software house in Pakistan reaching the level of Senior Applications Analyst. After her move to the UAE 17 years ago, she has raised family, volunteered in Mother-Toddler groups and schools and undertook newsletter editing for several years. She joined Al Yasat as a supply teacher first in 2008 and then designed and developed the library system and worked as a librarian and resources manager for two years. She did some more cover work in 2012 before taking up her current role of Administrator/ICT Facilitator. She has been extensively involved along with the Principal in collection, collation and analyses of all assessment data since then. This includes the production of all data and stakeholders’ documents and has also been solely involved in the regular analysis of attendance data. Her responsibilities include communication with all staff and parents via email and SMS. She is currently working on SIMS, the school's management information system. Her personal interests include reading, travelling, horse riding and spending time with family and friends.