Ms. Dina Aboutaha
KG Arabic/Islamic Studies Teacher

Dina hails from Egypt and has lived in Abu Dhabi for the last 7 years. She is a holder of Kindergarten Faculty Bachelor degree from Alexandria University Egypt. She has worked as a kindergarten Arabic teacher for seven years at the Egyptian English Language School, Egypt. In 2003, she started working at Abu Dhabi at Castle Private School. Dina has been at Al Yasat Private School since August, 2013. During this period she has held the position of Arabic teacher for KG classes. She was engaged in workshops that are related to classroom management, learning using technology and advanced learning classroom structures, special Needs Education. She has advanced her career by applying the 21 century skills. In order to develop the students’ spoken and written Arabic, Dina works closely with her team to ensure all planning is completed and submitted in a timely fashion. Her lessons are practical and positive and her students are enthusiastic to learn. Dina is a caring and supportive member of our team. Her lessons are taught in a manner appropriate for KG and enjoys communicating with parents regularly. She likes to prepare her class for significant school events performance.