Mrs. Nadine Abou Harb
HoD Kindergarten

Mrs. Nadine obtained her Bachelor of Business degree from Amman, Jordan. She worked as a kindergarten home room teacher for four years prior to joining Al Yasat Private School in 2011. Mrs. Harb has engaged in workshops that are related to classroom management, learning using technology and advanced learning classroom structures. She has advanced her career by applying the 21 century means of Education in the classroom. Additionally, she worked one to one with Special Needs Students. She coordinated Social Studies section from Grade 1 to 6 for two years. Nadine acquired her International Post Graduate in Education (Primary) from University of Warwick- London. Her thesis focused in her IPGCE on a better inclusion of Special Needs Students in mainstreams classrooms. She believes that every child deserves to have a chance to be educated. She loves art, dancing and cooking new international dishes.