Mrs. Amira El Said
KG2 Teacher

Amira is Egyptian. She obtained her Bachelor of Education from Tanta University, Egypt in 2008. She worked as a class teacher and a French teacher for two years after graduation at Future Private School, in Egypt. She moved to UAE in 2010 and worked for two years as a kindergarten homeroom teacher at Al Sorouh Private School. Amira then worked as a kindergarten homeroom teacher for three years At United Schools Baniyas. From 2015 Amira is working as a kindergarten homeroom teacher at Al Yasat Private School. During this time, she has been engaged in workshops that are related to classroom management, applying the 21 century skills of education in classroom, and applying different classroom structures. Amira believes in getting alongside children and encouraging them to extend themselves and to believe in their own abilities. Also she believes we never stop learning, and she endeavor to learn something new every day. She enjoys the spontaneous fun at Alyasat kindergarten She loves working with young children challenging their creative and physical skills whilst having fun. Amira loves shopping, travelling, and acting.